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Welcome to Open Mind Centre in lovely Pai!

Pai is a delightful 2.5 hour drive from Chiang Mai through mountains and forests. Or you can fly from Chiang Mai, which has an international airport.

Open Mind Centre is a centre for exploration, healing, creativity and growth. We are right on the Pai River, overlooking the lovely Pai valley and mountains. We have 12 cabins, meditation/ teaching / yoga rooms, treatment/ session room, natural hot spring water baths on site

We offer healing sessions, scheduled and individual retreats, a quiet place to stay for some reflection or chill time, and a venue for visiting teachers and healers to offer workshops, residential retreats, sessions etc

For info on our courses & retreats & events - check out the calendar. Or you can make your own retreat time. We can often start whenever you are free, although it's better if you can plan ahead
• Meditation Retreats - for beginners and all levels. Our regular retreats usually start the first Monday of each month (3-5 days) and the last Monday (3-12 days) - check the calendar. We also put together programs for 3-14 days - or more!
Healing Retreats – we can put together a program to suit you - popular programs are 2-7 days
Personal time for quiet, healing, creativity etc – you don't have to be part of our programs - many people come just to have some quiet time in nature - & we are close enough to Pai to drop in to see friends, walking street, a waterfall...

Some of the Great Things Happening at Open Mind Centre


Everyone is welcome to stay at Open Mind. You don’t need to be part of our programs or be of any particular faith to stay here and enjoy some quiet time in nature –

we are right on Pai River – mountain views – natural hot springs on site
yoga – cranio-sacral therapy – workshops – meditation retreats – healing retreats Read more

Learn to Meditate

  • Meditation Retreats
  • Individual Sessions
  • 1/2 day Workshops

All available by appointment or see calendar for advertised times

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Yoga Class & Yoga Nidra with Niels & Devaki – time to relax and really let go

Everybody is welcomed to ASHTANGA YOGA (1,5h) in a quiet and meditative way. Our focus is on alignment and a good awareness of the own body position. We hold the positions for a similar time like Hatha Yoga.
Part of the class are pranayama and meditative aspects.
Yoga Nidra means travelling through the chakras.
Laying down on the back in shavasana, you go into a guided, deep meditation for 1 hour. It is a journey through the chakras that helps to feel the energy of each of them and to open for the free flow of this energy.

Make your own Meditation Retreat time

“The journey of a lifetime”

Is it time for you to get into a really different kind of adventure?

We can put together programs in line with your interests, at your level of experience. Plan your time with us if you can so we can be sure the right tutors are available, however we can often start pretty much whenever you are free…

“The Inner Adventure your heart may have been waiting for. All levels welcome.” Read more

Volunteer with us

We have ongoing opportunities:

Reception-Administrator (includes some general help)
– minimum commitment 2 months 

General help
– Cleaning, café & kitchen, gardening & grounds, handiwork, construction – according to your skills and interests – minimum commitment 2 weeks

Special Projects

  • Builder / Carpenter – minimum commitment 1 month
  • Signwriter / Graphic artist – minimum commitment 2 weeks
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Cranio-Sacral Therapy with Mana

“I don’t know what you do, but I feel so much better after each session”

“I feel a deep peacefulness and calm in my body that I have never experienced before”

Working with your inner body intelligence. Supporting your own healing power. Bio-dynamic approach – Gentle, Deep, Effective.
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Individual Healing Session Appointments

If you feel a need for healing, release, balance, reflection or relaxation then taking the time to receive therapeutic touch or words is a great way to re-centre and tune into your inner wisdom as the source of ultimate healing.

Make an appointment – see calendar for more details on our healers currently offering sessions. We can also put together a program or treatments for you, or your own Healing Retreat.

Cranio-Sacral Therapy – Reiki – Body Work
Sound Healing – Counselling – Yoga
Movement – Thai Massage
Many other modalities

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Healing Retreats – Individual Programs

Your Healing Retreat at Open Mind 

Healing Retreats include a program of sessions & treatments that we put together for you to meet your individual interests and needs.

Our Healing Retreats are opportunities to relax, really let go and heal, also to explore new possibilities for living your life with connection and wellness.

Popular packages are 3-day, 5-day, 7-day & 10-day Healing Retreats, as well as a 2-Day add-on to one of our meditation retreats.

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