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About OM Centre

Open Mind Centre is part of Open Mind Foundation, a Non-Profit Organisation registered in Thailand.

Our interest is in exploration, healing and growth. We offer workshops, courses and retreats in a wide variety of disciplines. We have a universalist or non-denominational approach. Our courses and facilities are open to all seekers and finders. We have a service orientation – while we need to charge for many of our offerings, we are not a business. Our centre is supported by donations.

Our centre is located in the beautiful Pai valley in the mountains of northern Thailand. We are 7 kms from Pai – close enough to enjoy this delightful small town, far enough away to enjoy nature and a truly peaceful environment. Our centre is surrounded by rice fields and forest. We are also close to a small village – you can see villagers placing fishing nets in the river, bringing buffalo to graze on our land by the river, and experience village festivals at different times of the year. We have natural hot spring baths to relax in. Our property runs to the river where you can enjoy a cooling dip on a hot day.

View from our cafe verandah
We offer –
  • A range of healing therapies in one-on-one work, such as Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Body work, Massage, Movement etc etc
  • Workshops and retreats – including depth path & dharma teachings – with ongoing training and support for all levels of interest & experience
  • A venue for Workshops & Community Events
  • A quiet space – as well as our workshops and retreats, many people stay here simply for some quiet time, or for a creative project such as writing etc

We aim to present our offerings –

  • In ways that are accessible to beginners and experienced practitioners
  • With a depth of traditional teachings – including Buddha’s teachings – presented in ways that emphasise relevance to contemporary lifestyles – work, relationships, study, travel, women & men equally, etc
  • At prices that are both affordable and sustainable

We welcome members of the Pai community and visiting teachers, healers, performers and artists who have a healing or spiritual interest to run events, courses, retreats, workshops and performances at our centre. We also welcome bookings of our accommodation and/or workshop facilities from people interested in community development and sustainability training and projects.

Open Mind Centre - meditation and healing in Pai, northern Thailand

 ‘no-one is turned away because of money’

If you have limited funds, ask us as you may be able to attend the course, retreat etc that you are interested in. To support this service being available for others, please consider making a donation to the Foundation.