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Marketa: Volunteer, Czechoslovakia

I would like to say you BIG THANKS for opportunity to come and stay in Open Mind Centre. For me it was some different volunteering job what I have before, not because of working but because of the place, whose name is absolutely proper. I am really happy that I could meet so many interesting people and mainly work alongside Marijke,Rachel and Christian, even as Tie and Ny (Iam not sure how does it spell their names),they’re both so nice, very teachable and hardworking.
No less I thing that the Open Mind Centre has got great potentionality, because people who is coming there and stay longer time, can find combination of piece and spirit in OMC and with magic of Pai.
Unfortunately I couldn’n enjoy more your meditations, because of my language barrier, but anyway really nice to meet you Mana, I will be glad to hear from you in future.
Also Iam ready writting up feedback for next volunteers, I definitely sent more to you later, when I’ll little absorb my leaving from OMC:)