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Biochemistry Human Alignment  1-3 days

If you’re stuck in an anabolic sleep mode most of the day truth is you’re unaligned to your true self.  In the same way that most people who suffer from insomnia are stuck in a catabolic awake state where their body is always awake, an anabolic person can have a hard time getting their body in motion in the morning.  The anabolic and catabolic states, at the cellular level, are like the earth or tides in the ocean.

If you are interested to see your alignments early morning!  Using special instruments we measure.  Align with your diet and exercise.

If the balance of the urine pH is not in alignment we have the likelihood of over 1000 symptoms caused by virus, bacteria, fungus and parasite  which cause mild to heavy disease.  Sometimes more than one disease. This can be eliminated depending on your disease.

In the first session we use litmus tests  and charts showing what to do right to move your pH into alignment and clear any pH balanced problems so that you can feel great again.   In this one session you will find a lot out and know what to do for the solution to your health issue.

Optional extras available by science manuals

Cost:  3000 Baht a day

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Healing Retreats – Individual Programs

Your Healing Retreat at Open Mind 

Healing Retreats include a program of sessions & treatments that we put together for you to meet your individual interests and needs.

Our Healing Retreats are opportunities to relax, really let go and heal, also to explore new possibilities for living your life with connection and wellness.

Popular packages are 3-day, 5-day, 7-day & 10-day Healing Retreats, as well as a 2-Day add-on to one of our meditation retreats.

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Yoga Teachers & Healers Wanted

Yoga Teachers wanted for daily classes, events and individual retreat programs

Healers offering sessions & workshops

Please contact us!

Take Some Time in Nature for Your Individual Retreat


Make your own Retreat Time!

Available for individuals and groups.

Peaceful & supportive environment – right on the Pai River – Mountain views – natural hot spring water baths

Healing Retreats – Meditation retreats – Your own creative work – Some quiet time to chill

Healing retreats – we can put together a program for you with our resident and visiting healers.

Supported meditation retreats – we provide instruction and guidance – or solo retreats – you use your retreat time as you wish.

For supported meditation retreats please check on availability of instructors for your planned dates when booking with us. Available for individuals & groups. More info here.

Individual Healing Session Appointments

If you feel a need for healing, release, balance, reflection or relaxation then taking the time to receive therapeutic touch or words is a great way to re-centre and tune into your inner wisdom as the source of ultimate healing.

Make an appointment – see calendar for more details on our healers currently offering sessions. We can also put together a program or treatments for you, or your own Healing Retreat.

Cranio-Sacral Therapy – Reiki – Body Work
Sound Healing – Counselling – Yoga
Movement – Thai Massage
Many other modalities

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