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Subtle movement emerging from the centre
Enfolding invisible layer
Expanding, reaching out
Disappearing into the Whole

Nathalie 2007


The journey continues
uncertain moment by moment
acceptance of the not-knowing
brings unexpected peace.
My soul quietens
And wistfully delights in my being.

Bernie 2011

The easiest and the hardest thing

And so the tears flow.
burning from the eyes, wet and flowing down the cheeks
moved, so moved. but how?
shuddering breath, the collapse of effort, so much effort for what?
to see that none is needed. That opening is all.
Oh the heart so big, so immense, beyond understanding.
So close, so accepting, so loving, effortless.
to let go and fall fully into its embrace
the most natural thing and yet so frightening, so alien.
trust over fear, surrender over control
to flow with what is rather than to make it wrong.
The easiest and the hardest thing.

Tobias October 2012
– dedicated to Tara