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Donate to the Centre

OM Centre Pai was established on donations. Ongoing development of our buildings & facilities are entirely funded by donations. We continue to rely on  support from people who appreciate what we are doing to keep our doors open & for our ongoing activities – people like you!

We are a registered non-profit Foundation in Thailand. Click here to learn more about our projects and specific funds you can send your donation towards.



For donations and payments up to 30,000 THB ($1000 USD) via PayPal

  • Use Paypal to send any amount up to $1000 USD via your Paypal account or a Credit Card.
  • If the payment you are making is for services or bookings at Open Mind Centre, please add 5% to the amount you wish us to receive in order to cover credit card fees.
  • Let us know in the comment box if you are donating to a particular fund or paying for course fees..etc.
  • First enter the amount you would like to donate in Thai Baht, then click the “Donate” button below.

Donation amount?

Note: On the payment screen, if you do not have a Paypal account, just select the option on the bottom of the page that says “Pay with Debit or Credit Card”)

To donate any amount via EFT Transfer (especially donations over $1000) 

For donations and payments over 30,000 THB or $1000, please use bank transfer.  This allows your full donation to go toward our projects, rather than bank fees. Using a bank transfer for amounts under $1000 is of course appreciated as well.

Bank transfer details

(We have had good experiences transferring with and – they have good exchange rates, low bank fees – and no deductions by our receiving bank.)

Current projects we are seeking to fund

The centre is growing nicely. As these projects are completed, the initial vision for the centre is realised

$US 3000 finish our new Natural Hot Spring Pool / healing area – toilets, shower, walls, landscaping – now! The pool is ready and is being used now, our treatment rooms are almost ready, we are ready to complete this work right away
$US 4000 reception/ office extension – as soon as we can!
$US 1400 equip & furnish treatment roomsnow! These rooms will be ready for use very soon now

Hot pool construction

Ongoing Projects

Retreat Support Fund – help those with limited means enter retreat or participate in our workshop programs – $US 100 – 1000
Kinzi Sherpa Education Fund – $US 20 +/ month

For other ideas on the kinds of donations people like to make – see here

Please let us know if you are donating to a particular fund, for example Kinzi Sherpa Education Fund, OMC Building Fund or Retreat Support Fund  – thank you!

“Many thanks for your support”