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Donating to the Centre

Open Mind Centre is run by Open Mind Foundation, a registered not-for-profit foundation.

Our accommodation and food fees pay for the day-to-day costs of running the Centre such as staff and utility bills. Mana currently donates all teaching income to help with the ongoing costs at the Centre also.

Building, facilities upgrades and ongoing maintenance all run entirely on donations. Current projects to which you can contribute with funds, skills and/ or willing hands include:

Women’s Education Fund

Retreaters’ Support Fund (Bursary Fund)
Building Fund
Landscaping & grounds

You can donate here
Kinds of donations that people like to make include – 

3000B buys several books for our small & growing library
If you have books that you are no longer using or no longer wish to carry, please consider donating them to our library.

Landscaping & Grounds

3000B helps us with our ongoing planting program especially at the start of each rainy season
helps us with planned basic upgrades to hillside drainage & pathways etc

You may wish to sponsor one of these areas with donation and/or work:

tree planting – fruit trees, bird attracting trees and bushes, as well as plain beautiful trees and shrubs – we have planted almost the whole upper part of the Centre – the stabilised hillside and river flats are next!
meditation retreat huts
pathways & steps
water system upgrade & reticulation for fruit trees and gardens
grounds maintenance
main workshop kitchen and serving area new ceiling, skylights, bench tops in kitchen and serving area, wiring upgrade, paint whole of this area including kitchen and toilets

Retreater’s Support Fund

Any donation to help people with limited funds gain the benefits of retreat is greatly appreciated.


4000B pays for someone with limited funds to do a 3 day meditation retreat with guidance, all inclusive
13,500B 10 day retreat with guidance  all inclusive
30,000B 1 month retreat with guidance,  all inclusive

We have a policy to provide a limited number of low-cost or free places at many of our retreats for those wishing to attend but are unable to afford the usual costs.

This fund can also assist committed people with limited means wishing to do ongoing retreat and study and meditation at the centre.

In some of our past courses, participants have directly sponsored places for those on limited budgets by paying for their registrations. This is wonderful generosity in practice.

Please contact OM Centre admin or Mana if you would like to help sponsor others’ paths in some other way.

Larger donations that will really make a difference
$1000 fully supports someone to do a 1 month retreat with guidance all inclusive
$15,000 pays for a good quality a/c cabin fully furnished with bedding, or a new yoga sala by the river
$20,000 buys us some treatment rooms with adjoining hot pool area upgrade
$200,000 buys us some adjoining land for more cabins and teaching areas

Building fund

When you visit the Centre, you will notice a lot of building has been going on, with more planned, as well as ongoing upgrading of facilities, landscaping and planting. Your donation is welcome.

$100 (3000B) helps us buy fruit trees and plants, or helps us upgrade a path or plumbing, or helps us improve landscaping
$12,000 helps us build a good quality meditation cabin
$15,000 creates a hut with furniture bedding and a/c

Women’s education fund

We are starting a fund to sponsor access to entry to higher education for young women seeking training in medical and other professions in some of the less wealthy countries where we are so fortunate to have received dharma teaching. For now, we will focus on Nepal and Thailand. If the idea takes off we will most likely include Sri Lanka later on. Funds collected will be paid directly to the person being sponsored or her education institution – there are no administration overheads.
$30-50 a month goes a long way to helping pay for ongoing education costs for a Nepali or Thai student. We are currently supporting one Nepali high school student, we would like to also support a local Pai woman for either senior high school or university study
Kinzi Lama Sherpa

is a bright, caring & concerned young person who is actively interested in the world around her. She is currently going to senior school in Kathmandu, away from her village. She wants to study medicine, and she has good grades as she completes year 10. Her family has limited income, and are unable to pay for her final 2 years of school, let alone any prospect of higher education. She told me this week that if she does not find sponsorship she will have to return to her village now, i.e. before the start of school year, where she will not be able to study the science subjects required for medical school.
Together, we can make a huge difference to this young woman’s life – If you are interested, now is the time to act. Can you sponsor either a lump sum for Kinzi or say $25-$50 each month – or whatever amount you wish?