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2 day Reiki II course with Devaki

11/12/2017 – 12/12/2017 all-day

2 day Reiki II course with Devaki

You get special initiations and symbols to strengthen the energy flow.
After Reiki 2 you can start giving “distance healing”
There is a lot of learning included. It is much more intense than level 1.

For enquiries and registration please contact Niels and Devaki on or sms on 06 389 39 045

What is REIKI?

Reiki was developed by the japanese buddhist monk Mikao Usui (1865-1926).
The word means a combination of KI (the vital energy, the life force itself) and REI (the Higher Intelligence of the Universe, also the soul or the spirit).
KI flows within the physical body through pathways called meridians or nadis. It also flows around us in an energy field called AURA.
Reiki is a healing technique guided by Universal Energy.
The healer is a channel allowing KI to flow and harmonise.
Reiki heals by flowing through disturbed areas of the energy field recharging them with positive energy.