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‘Earth Dance’ Shamanic Dance Workshop with Bob

Conscious Shamanic Dance – a Funky Deep dance journey

 I offer, with a mix of live and Dj’ed music, a guided journey for people to drop really deeply into themselves  through music  –  to Ground people, take them back to their truest selves, open their hearts, and dance out their demons, and then out into their JOY, & then finally to a deep still meditational finish.   There is a strong Shamanic element to the class.
its like a mix of 5 rhythms and Shamanic dance.
Very potent!
Cost: 200B
For more info and registrations contact Bob:
Bob has training in Shamanism. Mens Work, Meditation, Dance Music healing, & Permaculture.  He is a keen advocate of the need for deep change in the world right now, & believes that such change needs to start with ourselves first…  He has a particular interest in helping people to Ground, heal & re-discover their full Authentic Power. 

Bob runs ‘Earthdance’ Shamanic healing dance workshops Internationally & plays Concerts around the World, He has released 4 Albums of his own Music –