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Host your own events, workshops & retreats at Open Mind Centre ~ planning & PR


Thanks for your interest in offering workshops, sessions or other events at Open Mind Centre. Our Centre is available for any healing, life-affirming or uplifting activity.

For more info about our facilities – click here.


Monthly Open Mind Centre PR

Our regular publicity each month includes
    • notice in PEP – Pai Events Planner, a monthly ‘what’s on’ & info booklet, widely distributed and read
    • flyer – calendar – distributed widely around Pai each month, and at OMC
    • calendar at web site
    • newsletter usually sent monthly to our email list
    • front page entry for your offering/s on web site if you have a major project

What we need from you – for each offering

Deadline for our regular monthly publicity – 18th each month. Please get your information to us by the 18th of the month before you begin.

    • photo(s) of you
    • photo(s) or artwork giving a feel for your work – for example – a group you have run, etc
    • title for your workshop / event / session
    • date(s) and times
    • full description for our online calendar and/ or website front page entry and / or newsletter
    • prices
    • your contact details that you would like people to use for info and registrations
    • registration conditions if any – for example, “must have completed Level 1, or xyz workshop” etc
    • short description – 20 words or less – for OMC flyer, PEP etc
    • If you would like different photos for different events, please add them to the list for each workshop, session etc
    • Optional: short ‘bio’ – anything you think is interesting & relevant – your skills, interests, qualifications, training, background etc

As you probably already well know, publicity materials can take some time to put together. We suggest you gather what you need well ahead of time so that your event is publicised well. Having some nice photos or artwork makes a big difference.

If you are offering more than one event, we suggest you make a list with these items for each separate event, see how it looks, edit as needed, include different photos /artwork for different events as you wish clearly marked which event they are for, and send it all together – this helps us get your message across quickly and clearly.

Suggestions for your own PR

Most people offering workshops and sessions at Open Mind Centre also manage their own publicity in Pai.

You can also put your own publicity on ‘Our Pai Family’ Facebook page. Our Pai family is a group page visited by many Pai residents. You can post

    • information
    • your flyer
    • photos of your work or inspiration etc
    • start a discussion etc

Other FB groups you might like to use:

Pai Residents exchange
All about Pai
Our Pai Family
Pai Conscious Community
What’s on in Chiang Mai
What’s Happening in Chiang Mai
What where when in Chiang Mai

Posters in Art in Chai, Good Life, Edible Jazz and Earth Tone cafés are also highly recommended.

Talk with people around town.

You may want to offer a low-price or free introductory workshop before your main event(s) and invite everyone interested to let people know about your work.

We have a mac computer and wifi at Open Mind Centre you can use for your publicity if you are in Pai. You will need to pay for your own printing costs.

Being mindful of others while at the centre

The Centre is on grounds with plenty of room for different activities. With basic mindfulness these different activities go together and even support each other just fine. Here are some  thoughts to help your group / activity fit in with others at the Centre.

Mindfully supporting people in meditation retreat

Some people at the centre  may be in full-time meditation retreat. We aim to help full-time meditators keep ‘outer’ activities much more simple than usual. This includes our social interactions. We do not usually have a rule of silence for those in retreat, this is completely up to each individual. Please do not recommend or ‘publicise’ your workshops, sessions or other offerings to those in meditation retreat, and please don’t ask them to accompany you for trips, meals, outings etc.


We are part of a fairly traditional Thai village. We enjoy good relations with the villagers who are generally supportive and pleased that we have a meditation & healing centre in their midst. The village headman is a member of Open Mind Foundation Board. He has suggested that participants be ‘properly’ covered up – men to wear shirts, and women to cover their shoulders. What happens in private workshop spaces is very much up to you and your group. Please ask your participants to be aware of the culture around them.  Your publicity should be discreet regarding sexuality if this applies to your group.


We have 2 great sound systems for movement & performance workshops & events – which we love! If you are planning to have loud workshops just let us know when you book our facilities so we can put quieter and more lively events at different times.