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Some people ask how they can take their dharma explorations deeper. This page is for you. Along with meditation practice and retreat, my lineage teachers have always emphasised study and practical skills development – creative and professional – to develop a open and curious mind and an active, informed engagement with the world. A creative heart-mind which does not close off or turn away when we find ourselves in challenging situations. Weaving meditation and every aspect of our experience …

These projects are experiential. Our work includes some research, reflection/contemplation and putting into action. If you think you may be interested in co-creating a study project, email Mana for further info.

Possible topics from previous projects include:

Practical Mindfulness and the Helping Professions

  • Explores the works of Jon Kabat-Zinn, Jack Kornfield, Judith Lief and others
  • Best suited to those already working or actively training to work in areas such as counselling, psychology, social work, medical / paramedical, hospice etc.

Social Action and the Path, ‘Engaged Buddhism’

  • A chance to explore relevant buddhist teachings, what other groups and individuals are doing in your area of interest, undertake your own practical project, and assess how effective your project was including making recommendations for future projects or future stages of your project in consultation with other involved parties.

Mandala Painting

  • Relevant to individual path exploration and for counselling and other therapeutic practitioners
  • Explore current concerns, core questions, potential and collective consciousness
  • A remarkably direct and accessible way into intuitive/ depth mind
  • No prior artwork experience or skills necessary.

Landmarks in the Evolution of Human Consciousness

  • Paradigms for the development of consciousness from viewpoints in western psychology and the world’s wisdom traditions.
  • Depending on your level of interest and experience, this could be one or more study projects.
  • Explores the works of Adam (dreamhealer), Arthur Koestler, Thomas Kuhn, Edgar Mitchell, Lyall Watson, Ken Wilbur, Gary Zukav & others.

Wake up to Your Life

  • Ken McLeod’s major reworking for western practitioners of a traditional Tibetan structured meditation program such as done in Kagyu three year retreats.
  • A substantial body of work: one study project will be useful, completion of the work set out in the book will require further study projects. As Ken wrote in my copy, ‘best in small doses’. If this work is of interest, commit to one project. In the review process towards the end of the project we will assess the way forward together.

Sunyata: Progressive Stages of Meditation on Emptiness

  • Prerequisite 3 years plus meditation experience.

Green Tara or Chenrezig

  • or another yidam given to you by a qualified lama
  •  intensive study and practice relating to one Vajrayana meditation archetype.