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Life questions ~ Individual Sessions with Mana

For those who prefer to learn one-on-one, individual appointments are available. You may like to make individual appointments to

  • clarify & explore your core questions
  • choose a path or method of practice
  • take your work in meditation classes or meditation practice deeper
  • work with a change or challenge in your life in a dharma/ life path counseling format
  • find ways to approach a personal issue or reactive pattern with mindfulness
  • learn to live with more wellbeing if you have a serious illness
  • discover ways of working with life questions and challenges that you can take away with you
  • discover more of your own inner resources that are always with you

One-on-one consultations are there so you can explore your own questions in your own time.

“Even the wise need a lamp to find the jewel in the night” – ShantiMayi


Often people choose to come on a regular basis.

I want to learn to meditate If you wish to learn to meditate, reckon on at least 6-8 sessions. Also, try to come to one of our meditation retreats. As well as learning methods for developing mindfulness and your own individual practice between meetings, your discoveries will include creatively exploring your heart interests, touching more deeply what is happening in your life, observing how you are meeting current opportunities and challenges and exploring more enabling options.

I want to explore ongoing meditation/ dharma / path training If you have an ongoing meditation practice, it will be helpful to discuss what you are experiencing in meditation, how your meditation is engaging with your day-to-day life, and to get feedback on possible next steps on the way. For regular meditation interviews outside retreat time, many find a meeting every 2 – 4 weeks is helpful.

I have a significant challenge in my life If you are working with a significant emotional, health or other challenge, you might wish to come for a series of sessions.  If you are in Pai for just a short time – or somewhere else where Mana is teaching – you may wish to come every 1-2 days. If you are based in Pai you could come every 1 – 2 weeks for a while. Either way, there is no quick  ‘fix’ out there anywhere, but new possibilities and approaches can open quite quickly, and deeper levels of wellbeing and insight do reliably open over time.

during retreat

Individual sessions are usually available during your retreat. Just ask.


Individual sessions are also available by Skype. Many people find this is a surprisingly effective and accessible support for their practice and unfoldment.


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