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Open upright hand mudra: an invitation to fearlessness. We need many qualities to follow the path of mindfulness and healing, including not being turned aside when we reach the places that scare us. The open hand is the traditional mudra for encouraging students with the final words of the Buddha: ‘Vayadhammá sankhárá, appamádena sampádetha’ – ‘All conditioned things are impermanent. If there is birth, there is death. Be diligent in your efforts to attain liberation!’

The sun: the heart life energy that forms us at conception and provides the spark that ignites our spiritual search and journey.

The moon: our aspiration for integration, connection, and wholeness.

The stars: there is nothing higher or deeper than exploring the dharmas of life and spirit, and opening to the nature of our minds.

The open palm: as the spiritual journey unfolds, we become more aware of our energy bodies. The interconnected universe unfolds from our energy centres, including our palms. The Tibetan meditation on White Tara, a form of the divine mother, teaches us to work with the energy of the stars and the awakening energy centres in the heart, palms and throughout the body. The Buddha said: ‘Within this fathom-long body, I show you the arising and passing away of the universe.

The open hand also references the Hand of Fatima, originally a Moslem symbol now widely used in middle eastern cultures for protection and fearlessness.

It is a greeting of openness, an of offering of support and teaching, nothing hidden, a welcome.