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Make your own Meditation Retreat time

“The journey of a lifetime”

Is it time for you to get into a really different kind of adventure?

We can put together programs in line with your interests, at your level of experience. Plan your time with us if you can so we can be sure the right tutors are available, however we can often start pretty much whenever you are free…

“The Inner Adventure your heart may have been waiting for. All levels welcome.”

If you are new to meditation, 3-7 days is a good place to start. Also, people come to Open Mind for longer retreats… two weeks… a month… three months… you are welcome. We offer facilities for solo retreats – where you bring your own work – as well as fully guided retreats.

Meditation is a very rich, vast area for exploration and discovery. Do you want to learn Mindfulness Meditation, Vipassana, or Tibetan visualisation practice, or creative-making-shaping work? Perhaps Mandala work – using sacred geometry and drawing to tap into the deeper currents in your life? Do you want to learn what the Buddha taught on consciousness and how this works in with your own daily life, along with similar dawnings in contemporary psychology? Or how conditioning works in us and how to work with this? Or how the body remembers, and how mindful body work can help unlock some stuck places? Or how to tune in and listen to your heart? Or learn to love and open to love more deeply? Living with significant illness? Working with emotions? Learn to let go of fear? Or perhaps experience and explore emptiness, open heart-mind? Or…? …?

Or simply to be more present in your life… It is all here for us to explore.

If you are unsure, you may like to make an appointment – in person or by skype – to discuss your interests, and to see if there is a ‘fit’ between your interests and what is offered here. If so, together we can identify what kind of meditation work will be most helpful at this time in your life.

If you are planning ahead, of course you can register for any of our scheduled meditation retreats and/ or courses.

The path of meditation – learning to be present in our lives – is a very wide, deep and high topic – it extends us – there is much to explore. It is the journey of a lifetime. You might want to register for one of our retreats, and then carry on with your own retreat afterwards – with or without a break. Or you can arrive for a few day’s meditation before a retreat or other course you are interested in… You will go deeper in the course/ retreat… Make your own retreat time!

Make your own retreat time – Let us know what you are interested in – often you can start right away – individuals & groups
Peaceful & supportive environment – right on the Pai River – Mountain views – natural hot spring water baths
Healing Retreats – Meditation retreats – Your own creative work –
Quiet time to enjoy nature
– you don’t have to be part of our programs
Healing retreats – we can put together an individual program for you with our resident and visiting healers
Supported meditation retreats – we provide instruction & guidance – Solo retreats – your own program