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Reiki Treatments & Courses Levels 1-4, Intuitive Readings and Energy Clearing Life Coaching with Jindati

About me

I studied Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching in a 3 year training in the mid 1980’s in Germany. Thereafter, I gave Hypnotherapy treatments and courses across Germany and the US for many years. I have been doing Reiki and life coaching for 30 years. I graduated from Psychic Horizon Center in Boulder, CO in 2012. I am also an actor, a director, playwright and producer.

I’m a trained behavior therapist and built and managed an Art and Wellness Center in Pai, Thailand from 2009 to 2015, I’ve been giving Reiki certified courses Level 1-4 and energy healing, in the US, Thailand, Hon, Bali and India.

I have a degree in journalism and I’m currently attending an acting and film program in Portland, OR.

I’m available now to give intuitive readings, coaching and Reiki treatments and courses in Pai until September 21, 2017.



Reiki-universal life

Through treatments and courses, you will feel rejuvenated, and learn to charge yourself with creative healing energies. You will get in touch with yourself, your real nature, truth, love, compassion, joy and with good decision making.

In Reiki workshop, you will experience meditations designed to help you to clear away old emotional debris and be in touch with your own energy. You will be filled with life force energies and connected to the source of those energies, so that you may be present in the here and now, instead of being stuck in concepts and old pictures.

These clearings and attunements will open you up to fresh awareness, increasing your health, love, relationship and career space, making you receptive to experience abundance and creating a life you love.


Life Coaching

A life coaching session will help you to move forward and set professional goals that lead you to pursue your life’s passion.

I am applying techniques that mitigate and can eliminate trauma and has the power to let go of unwanted behavioral patterns and trapped energy. You will be coached to create your own solutions and be coached to taking responsibility for yourself.

Human behavior is learned and thus can be unlearned and replaced with behavior that is suitable to your life now. There is no need to be stuck in old patterns that keep you from being present with a joyful curiosity and excitement for how your life unfolds. experience the mystery of being alive and being breathed by infinity.


Intuitive Readings

In the readings I help you to connect with your inner wisdom being or true nature. you will have the possibility to release trapped energy from childhood traumas and PTSD.

The readings help to release stale and stagnant sexual energies; open your heart and allow expressing your voice. with your permission the trapped energy can be released. Find the raw energy of creativity in yourself. you will feel more grounded and with the energy blocks removed, experience a flow of harmony and well-being.


For more information and appointments please call 093-4082808

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