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Shamanic Breathwork with Michal Thailand 2017-8

Our program

  • workshops for personal healing, exploration and growth
  • professional Breathworker training program

We have some truly wonderful international publishers and teachers contributing to Breathwork happening in Pai – Joy Manne, Tilke Platteel-Deur, Catherine Dowling, Michal Godlewski, Brigitte Martin-Powell. We are looking at individual workshops, intensives/ retreats, an ongoing program of workshops for personal healing, exploration and growth. The Breathworker – our professional training program – starts January 2017 … If you want it here, come and support it!

Joy Manne is kindly offering much support and inspiration for this program at Open Mind. Her book Conscious breathing: How Shamanic Breathwork can transform your life is well worth a read – it is recommended reading for all attending Michal’s workshops this year. Joy brings her very practical breath work together with a wonderfully clear experiential, meditation approach.

Why might I want to come?

  • Embody more of your Soul
  • Deep Healing through Spirit
  • Release, expression and integrating restrained feelings
  • Reduction of tension influencing your physical constitution and health
  • Strengthening your internal authority through awakening your personal wisdom and intuition
  • Deep healing of your past (including past lives)

What are the benefits?

The most likely and immediate results of breathwork practice include:

  • Divine connection
  • Purity of energy body
  • Awakening consciousness
  • Lightness & more energy
  • Clarity of mind
  • Emotional release and calmness
  • Expanded awareness
  • Ability to make better decisions
  • Reduce reactivity to stress
  • Better relations with other people
  • More optimism
  • More peace and harmony

What is Shamanic Breathwork?

We – human beings – are in a constant learning how to deal with life and all our relationships – aren’t we? We all have our lessons, initiations and crises in everyday life. We deal with them through constant practice and developing strengths and skills. As shamans do. We sometimes try to have shamanic experiences with different states of mind: watching a movie, listening to music, dancing, drinking wine, extreme sports – these are examples of how we take ourselves out of our life into another state of concentration and awareness, in which we absorb reality in different way. Breathwork is another way to do this on purpose. It is a tool and a way to function better, change states of mind, and transform life patterns. It is simple, natural, true and that is why it is so powerful. It is time to stand it the Field of Life fully and I believe that Breath is the way to do this.


2017-8 confirmed program details available soon

At the moment the plan looks like this:

Dec 8 9 10  2017 Chiang Mai intro 1/2 day workshops
Dec 13 – 17 2017 OMC Pai intro 1/2 day workshops
January 9-31 2018 Breathworker Level 1:

  • 9-16 January Breahtworker Level 1 Module 1 – can be taken separately
    17-31 January Breathworker Level 1 Module 2&3

February 15 to March 7 2018 Breathworker Level 2

Polish group. Probable dates are 27 november – 4 th December

Last years great program:

Introduction to Breathwork: 4 half-day workshops

These four workshops provide an introduction to different approaches and applications of breathwork, and give you an opportunity to experience the advantages of breathwork yourself.

Shamanic Breatheart in Everyday Life

Learn how to build your energetic strength and expand your awareness.

Introduction to power of breath. We will open our total breathing processes to regenerate and revitalise ourselves.

We will also learn basic techniques of mindful breathing and we apply them in order to make ourselves stable and centred. We learn how to build emotional resilience through breath. We also expand awareness of our inner processes, and we learn how we communicate through breath and energy.

Shamanic Breatheart: Flow of Life

This workshop provides understanding of how to open the flow of life, integrate body and soul. We learn how to deal with and heal emotional energy. We all have our emotional activation (reactivity) which lead us to different kinds of behaviour. We are aware of them – or not. We will ‘unload’ some of our unhelpful emotional processes, which are currently running in the background.  Through breath, acceptance and awareness.

Shamanic Breatheart: Spirit in Action

We begin to see our journey as moving from a purely personal perspective to including a transpersonal/ spiritual dimension, which we can accomplish through the breath. Breath can easily take us to experience altered state of consciousness, from deep concentration, through heart opening and feeling power of love, through accessing grace and peace of the source, whatever it is. We can access our past and future. We can experience clear, strong guidance from the deepest part of us.

The Field of Life: Family, Archetypal, Existential Constellations

Introduction to healing our generational patterns, to go through our initiations in life.


Intensives ~ Residential Workshops

Shamanic Breathheart ~ 2 Intensives ~ 3+6 days

We invite you to this unique program of both these intensive journeys

The Power of Life: Healing Journey ~ Breath, Family and Archetypal Constellations 3 days

This workshop gives you opportunities to experience deep transformational work and healing. It will allow you to dive into your process of expanded awareness and personal healing. Here we take many themes from the introductory workshops, weaving them deeper in a more immersive experience. This intensive workshop includes:

  • Line of Life – mastered lessons
  • Cycle of transformation
  • Learning how to facilitate BreathFlow session for others to support their healing
  • Family Constellation – order and flow of energy through family roots.
  • Archetypes – power of universal and eternal forces, which might regulate your energy field.

Shamanic Breatheart: The Power of Life ~ Sacred Journey 6 days

“Enter New Year and New Life with power of Breath”

Transformation week full of breath, work with energetic dynamic in personality and systemic family constellations

This week is deep initiation to new level of your existence. We will build your strength to stand in your truth, face life, have freedom to celebrate it. To fulfil your Purpose.Breath powerfully influences your body, emotions, mind and soul.

It allows you to reach biological basis of Your existence and to reorganise them. It allows you to embed in your own depth so as to rediscover the world of transpersonal, spiritual, shaman-like experiences with their healing potential.

Not only to experience nice, cosmic ecstasy which often constitutes part of work with breath and an important experience but to allow it to enter your daily life so as to fully participate in relationships.  Training is a perfect opportunity to dive into your breathing as a healing process, to widen your consciousness and to deepen the experience of this method. Each day we begin with breathing meditation and we awaken our bodies through movement. Each day there will be an opportunity to experience a full breathing session, during which you will work on specific issues connected to your process of personal and spiritual growth. The ultimate goal is to create for you prospering consciousness, which is guiding itself to the optimal life path.

Benefits of this training

  • Change of the defined patterns of behaviour in your life – e.g. lack of acceptance of your body, fear of closeness, difficulty in building relations, overworking, emotional problems, perfectionism, lack of motivation, financial difficulties and health problems.
  • Self-expression: easier recognition and communication of emotions, identification of one’s own needs and development of one’s ability to satisfy them, greater easiness among people, more joy from everyday activities and entire sexual fulfilment.
  • Development of the ability to love and empathy
  • Development of the ability to build good relationships
  • Finding the vision of life in a defined sphere of relations with one’s own and the others:
  • Acquisition of insight into problematic situations or unravelling further paths of relationship.
  • Approaching one’s own truth
  • Discovery of one’s nature, one’s potential, new emotions, the deepest  needs, comprehension and experiencing one’s own uniqueness, also in the interactions with others.



Training may bring beneficial results in a certain sphere or area of our life. Since we create one unity, favourable changes in one sphere will affect all of your body.

I encourage you to focus your attention on one specified main intention of the training. Please note that inner work evolves at its own pace and at its own rhythm which are governed by your  readiness. In organic process of the sessions there will occur contents which you are ready to carry and integrate to your own benefits.

Processes accompanying our training:

  • Release, expression and integration of emotions
  • Liberation from traumatic experiences
  • Reduction of stress influencing your health and physical condition
  • Release of life energy flow in your body and development of sensitivity of your body to sensations (both higher awareness of discomfort and ability to experience joy)
  • Superposition of figures: energy-consuming unlocked processes form the past
  • Strengthening the inner authority through awakening individual wisdom and intuition
  • Harmonisation of personality so that it could express the contents of the soul, penetrating the space of soul and accepting its activity
  • Healing transpersonal experiences
  • Shamanic initiations

Our Methods:

  • Beyond Mind – breathing meditation
  • Regressive healing of trauma with elements of EFT, WHH
  • Body-Centred Exercises
  • Practice with Inner Dynamic of Personality
  • Self-coaching – techniques of finding problems’ solutions
  • Work with family constellation and archetypes
  • And last but not least Breathwork

The Breathworker ~ Training for Professional Breathworkers

Starting in Pai Jan-Feb 2017. Full details of this training here